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3 Free Tools for Social Media Graphics With the importance and prevalence of visual marketing in the digital age, knowing how to create your basic graphics for use online is a must. Graphics are everywhere: social media posts, social media headers, email marketing, online paid advertisements, website visuals, and the list goes on. Working with professionals… Read more »

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Twitter Tips

3 Actionable Tips for Connecting with Freelancers on Twitter Freelancing can be a lonely business. It can also be a goldmine for social interaction and for making connections. When you are your own boss, you’re in charge of what events you attend, who you know, how many people you meet, and where those connections take you…. Read more »

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#Hashtags By The Numbers Don’t have time? Listen to the Audio file on the go! *Please note that the voice in the audio below refers to a Hashtag as “Number”   If you’re working to grow your social media presence, you’ll probably have noticed that most platforms have adopted the hashtag. They’re used to link different… Read more »

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Using Social Media to Grow Your Small Business We live in a day and age where nearly everything is online and social media is no exception. Do you have a small business? When building your small business, picking a few (2-3) social media platforms to start out with is best, since you don’t want to… Read more »

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Tomato – Tomatoes vs. Potato – Potatoes? How about there vs. their? Do the spelling of these words make any difference? Yes! Grammatically, and even more when they are being used for paid searches in hopes of good conversion rates. Not sure what a conversion rate is? It’s merely explained by how many marketing dollars… Read more »