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How to avoid Apple service charge on ads

Cut Costs, Not Reach: Avoiding Apple’s New Fee on Social Ads

If you’re using your iPhone to boost posts on Facebook or Instagram, you might be in for a costly surprise. This change took place in Feb, 2024.

Apple has implemented a 30% service charge on transactions made through iOS apps for boosted posts on these platforms.

This significant hike means every dollar spent on boosting your content will now see a portion funneled directly to Apple.

Meta, the parent company of both Facebook and Instagram, has confirmed that this additional cost will be passed down to advertisers. 

Essentially, boosting posts directly from the Facebook or Instagram iOS apps will now be more expensive. However, there’s a silver lining for savvy marketers who wish to avoid this fee.

The simplest workaround?

Use a browser. 

By accessing Facebook or Instagram through a web browser on your desktop or mobile device, you can sidestep Apple’s 30% cut. 

This approach not only saves costs but also retains the full range of advertising features without compromise.

Moreover, Meta has made it even easier to manage advertising without the extra fees through the Meta Business Suite. This platform allows advertisers to initiate and manage their campaigns seamlessly.

Here’s how you can use the Meta Business Suite to your advantage:

  1. Open the Meta Business Suite app.
  2. Tap the + button and select “Ad.”
  3. Set your advertising goal, define your audience, budget, and the duration of the campaign.

For those not yet ready to transition to Meta Business Suite, the traditional method of creating ads via facebook.com on a browser remains a viable and cost-effective option. 

By planning your social media campaigns through these alternative routes, you can ensure that more of your budget goes into reaching your audience, rather than covering additional fees.

As digital marketers and small businesses, it’s crucial to stay ahead of these changes and adapt our strategies to ensure the most efficient use of our advertising budgets. 

Navigating these new charges wisely can mean the difference between an optimized campaign and an unnecessarily expensive one.