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Rethinking Self-Promotion

Ever felt a bit uneasy about stepping into the limelight?

Did you grow up hearing that it wasn’t polite to be the “show-off” in the room?

If that rings a bell, you might be carrying around some beliefs that are quietly nibbling away at your marketing efforts and business growth.

Sounds a bit paradoxical, right?

Here’s the scoop:

Shouting from the Rooftops Isn’t Just Okay; It’s Necessary

Marketing, at its core, is about shining a spotlight on yourself. It’s about broadcasting to the world that you’re here, equipped and eager to tackle their challenges, and transform their dreams into reality.

Stay with me here…

For folks to even think about hiring you, they need to see you. To understand your wisdom, your skills, how you can assist, the solutions you offer, your background, and why you’re the reliable choice.

So, yes, you absolutely need to dial up the volume on yourself – likely more than what’s comfy at first.

It’s about nudging past that old belief, until making some noise feels like second nature.

But here’s the twist…

It’s Actually NOT All About You

When you get that your marketing is really for them – your clients, your followers, that community out there that desperately needs what you’ve got…

That’s when those old beliefs about “self-promotion” start to crumble.

Imagine if one day you’re whispering in a crowded room and nobody notices, but then you decide to use your voice in a special way that makes everyone listen and want to be your friend.

That’s what happens to your business when you start sharing stories and ideas that make people feel like you really get them.

Suddenly, more people know who you are, want to talk to you, and even buy what you’re selling.

It’s like turning on a magic light above your head that draws everyone in. Your business grows bigger and you make more money, all because you shifted to the best way to share your stories.

You shift gears to crafting messages that spotlight your audience’s needs (the benefits) before diving into your own accolades, about page, or offerings (the features).

And guess what?

Your marketing starts to hit different, in all the right ways.

It becomes less about how you’re perceived and more about what your crowd needs from you.

You’re talking about their world, their hurdles – and how you’re the one to help them leap over.

Striking the Right Balance

And sometimes, what they really need is to hear more about you, but with a twist.

Think about how you can show what you do, in a way that helps THEM, aligns with THEM, and makes THEM say things like, “that’s me,” “Yes!,” “that’s where I live.”

Here are a few Examples

EXAMPLE #1: Lori’s Day Spa

This post features an employee, focusing on how she benefits clients and connects with their needs, while the caption provides further insight into her role as a massage therapist and the question invites comments.

EXAMPLE #2: Minneapolis Neurology

This post connects with the community, adding a twist by showcasing the provider’s personal involvement within it. Check it out here, along with some other creative posts.

Remember, the art of marketing is much about changing your perspective to be from the client’s point of view.

Leave a comment to let us know what you think, or share your own experiences or concerns about self promotion.