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Social Media Strategy: Where To Focus Your Social Media Attention

Planning your social media strategy is like trying to decide what to eat at a buffet. What should you pile on your plate? How much is too much? After all, just look at your choices:

Do you attack all of them or leave some out? The reality is you must be selective. Trying to build a presence on every single social media platform is exhausting and ineffective. Instead, you need to choose the social media activities that will give you the most return on investment, and you need to choose the social media platforms that make the most sense for your business.

Making the choice is fairly easy, it just requires you to know your audience. If you know your audience, then you know where they spend their time. Are they hanging out on Snapchat? Or, are they glued to their Instagram feed?

Social Media StrategyWhile it’s often a good idea to have a Facebook page, a LinkedIn profile and a YouTube channel, you may wish to put your focus on a different channel because that’s where your audience spends most of their time.

If you are only focusing on Facebook, you might be missing out on visibility on other social media channels. Facebook is great, but organic reach is limited and if your target audience doesn’t spend as much time there as other sites, you shouldn’t be spending all of your time there. 

Likewise, if your audience tends to stick close to tried and true Facebook, Twitter, etc. don’t waste your time rushing to every new platform if that’s not where your people are, too.

Bottom line, you don’t have to do it all, you just have to do it right. If you aren’t sure where your target audience spends most of their social media time, find out. Put your focus there. Be sure that you optimize all your social media accounts and brand them consistently so that no matter where your audience finds you, they know right away who you are and what you’re about.

Also, make sure to link to your other social media accounts so that people can choose to follow you on their preferred channel. For example, if someone finds you on Facebook but prefers Instagram, it’s important that you link your page to Instagram so they can follow you there.

For social media marketing help that grows your business, contact Voila! Media Group today.

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screen-shot-2016-12-14-at-8-53-39-am3 Social Media Tips for Small Business

So, you have business cards, you took care of the legal jargon, and you plugged in your neon “Open” sign. You’re a small business; nobody’s walked through your doors yet; and you ask, “Do I need social media?”

More than anyone, small businesses can benefit big-time from a strong social media presence. A small business feels the pain of tight finances and dwindling time more deeply than big corporations. But with 85% of Americans using mobile devices as a part of everyday life, your small business can grow exponentially online with a few tweaks and some personal touches. Here are three social media tips to give your small business a boost.

1. Customers Can Buy Now

With so many potential consumers burying their faces in their phones, selling to them where they already hang out is a breeze. Take a day to set up an online store on your site and offer your products and services through your (soon to be wonderful) Facebook page. Even Pinterest is now a hot spot to shop. By meeting customers where they’re comfortable, they’re more likely to make a purchase.

2. Neighboring Small Businesses Can Show Support

Do you know the business owner across the street? Maybe down the hill? As a small business, relationship building is extremely important, not only for clients but also for connecting with your community. If everyone in your neighborhood is on board with social media, everyone is also on board with growing their small businesses.

3. Word-of-Mouth Sales Can Still Win

The beauty of social media is that it IS word-of-mouth. Social media is today’s equivalent of running through the streets singing to celebrate juicy deals. It spreads like wildfire. Don’t worry, you can get in on these wildfire sales too.

Contact us for more information on growing your small business through social media.

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Make Sharing Valuable

Social screen-shot-2016-12-14-at-8-50-20-amMedia can be one of your most powerful marketing tools. It offers an unprecedented channel into the daily life of your target audience. To make the most of this opportunity and engage potential customers, you have to capture their attention. One of the most recommended strategies is sharing interesting, pertinent updates from third-party sources, but is sharing alone enough to stand out in their timeline?

No, it’s not.

How many posts
do you “like” and scroll past? Worse, without comment, you may be directing a potential customer toward acting without you or with a competitor. When curating your social media feed, you want to add value to the post to prompt audience engagement. This not only captures the reader’s attention, it positions you as an authority, strengthening their perception of you and your brand.

Here are a few tips:

  • Add your professional insight. You picked the article for a reason. Something caught your eye, share your opinion. You can agree, disagree, or expand, just don’t stay silent.
  • Ask your readers a question. This is a great way to take your market’s pulse. Ask if they agree with the article’s ideas. Have they had similar experiences? Open the floor for discussion and remember to interact with commenters. If they took the time to respond, they’ve entered your sales funnel. Most of the time a simple choice will get the most interaction (yes or no, A, B or C, agree or disagree). 
  • Add a call to action. Tell the reader how the article joins the two of you together and what you want them to do next. Do they need to schedule a service call? Do they need to speak with you today? Let them know it!

When you give your social media audience a reason to watch your feed, you’ve created interested leads. When interested leads are ready to spend, they become motivated clients. That’s the true power of social media marketing.

For a decade and a half, Voila! Media Group has proudly been Hudson Wisconsin’s marketing partner. We have the knowledge and experience to tailor a strategy to your needs. If you’re ready to drive sales and experience real growth, contact us today to see the power professional design and marketing can bring to you.

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Social Media Tips: The Importance of Tone

Imagine you are getting ready to post a ‘Happy Holidays’ message from your company. You have multiple social media accounts for your organization and all have them have sizable audiences. It may seem good enough to simply publish the same post across the board and call it a day, but this will limit the brand impact of your post as it fails to acknowledge significant demographic differences across platforms not to mention photo size differences for each platform. Let’s compare Facebook and Instagram.


Facebook is the blue chip of social media networks, approaching two-billion active users with no signs of slowing. Yet in spite of, or because of, this growth, younger individuals are moving away from the network. It’s less fun to post photos from your weekend if mom, and grandma, are seeing them. Thus a post for Facebook should be informal but not age specific, unless of course you are smart about your targeting. Because of its size and durability Facebook has the most extensive ad targeting capabilities for a social network.


Instagram has become the refuge for teens and young adults looking to flee their parents watchful eye. It’s the powerhouse social network for millennials and Generation Z and with almost 70 percent of teens and young adults engaging branded content on it, it’s a good place to be. That said it’s more lighthearted and image heavy than Facebook, and doesn’t allow URLs to be hyperlinked in its posts. For this reason an Instagram post wont have the follow through to another website that Facebook would, and is better used as a reminder to your audience that you have a voice in their day-to-day. However, you can direct them to your bio & have your link there. 


Worth keeping in mind, Instagram is owned by Facebook so it’s in their best interest to have a friendly cross-interface usability. As you explore the ever shifting social media terrain feel free to reach out to us, we will make sure you know how to customize for the platform of your choice.

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Looking for better images for your blogs or social media?

Posts that include images produce 650 percent higher engagement than text-only posts. So, where do you get your images from for your social media platforms?

We found a solution for those of you who have limited access to graphics or a limited budget. Check out a site Creative Commons. Their model is to have work freely available for legal use, sharing, repurposing, and remixing.

Creative Commons allows you to legally use “some rights reserved” music, movies, images, and other content — all for free.

You have three options for getting images for your marketing content:

  1. Spend money on a stock photography site
  2. Take them yourself
  3. Or steal them on the internet. (Please don’t do this)

Oh wait, you have a 4th option!

It’s CreativeCommons! They let you search for photos that are free and allowed to be used commercially, provided you give credit to the artist. Here is an example of an image:


Image credit:

Have fun exploring & sharing!

Visuals are effective because they help people process, understand, and retain more information more quickly.