Email Advice & Lady Gaga?

February 23, 2011 0 Comment

Email Advice & Lady Gaga? You don’t have to wear a dress made of meat to have a successful email campaign! I went to the Lady GaGa concert at the […]

Hits, Visits and Unique visits

February 17, 2011 0 Comment

You’ve checked out your stats, but there are these descriptors that are throwing you (Hits, Visits and Unique visits). What is the difference between hits and visits, and what is […]

When designers don’t get paid

February 16, 2011 0 Comment

I just thought this was a funny & interesting Website link that a designer friend of my sent to me & I wanted to share.  The title of his email […]

Keep yourself informed, emailing stats

February 10, 2011 0 Comment

You have stats set up, but you always forget to go in and check? Wouldn’t it be great if you could just have them emailed to you weekly? But wait […]

I don’t have the time!


I love this quote that I recently read in an article from #socialmediaexaminer —I suggest re framing the challenge from “I don’t have time to write on my blog” to […]

Your site’s traffic – Stat

February 3, 2011 0 Comment

If you are thinking that you should have “a counter” on your site to track traffic, I’d like to welcome you to 2000. The blink tag and animated mailbox gifs […]

Browsers being bad – privacy and security

January 26, 2011 0 Comment

If you feel the need to get tinfoil to cover your head, you are not without warrant. Browsers are great, but as of late there has been some major stories […]

Browser goodness: The Basics

January 20, 2011 0 Comment

Yep I said it browsers are chock full of goodness – except when they aren’t because sometimes they’re not…  but I’ll touch on that next week.

FREE Antivirus & Anti-Malware

January 17, 2011 1 Comment

Most of us have heard of Antivirus providers like Norton and McAfee, but do you really need to shell out the money for these system resource hogging software packages? Not […]

You browsers history and cache, and cookies

January 13, 2011 0 Comment

Cache 22 – wait the site hasn’t changed? Are there sinister forces working against you? You don’t see the latest changes and everyone else does? Nope no conspiracy, and probably […]