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Tomato – Tomatoes vs. Potato – Potatoes? How about there vs. their? Do the spelling of these words make any difference? Yes! Grammatically, and even more when they are being used for paid searches in hopes of good conversion rates. Not sure what a conversion rate is? It’s merely explained by how many marketing dollars… Read more »

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Social Media Tips: The Importance of Tone Imagine you are getting ready to post a ‘Happy Holidays’ message from your company. You have multiple social media accounts for your organization and all have them have sizable audiences. It may seem good enough to simply publish the same post across the board and call it a… Read more »

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What’s the word in Marketing word mash-ups? By definition fusing two words together by sound and meaning is called a portmanteau. A few examples are smog, coined by blending smoke and fog, or motel, from motor and hotel. We wanted to give it a try and apply it to all things marketing & social media marketing… Read more »

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It’s Everywhere The first magazine was published in 1741, the first billboards arrived in the late 1800’s, search engines launch in 1995, blogging emerged in 1998, social media sites gained prominence in the early 2000’s, YouTube came out in 2005, Facebook & Twitter hit the marketing scene in 2006. We love marketing because it’s everywhere… Read more »

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Autism Website Gets Parents Connected, Using Social Media As technology is constantly changing, so is the way we design websites. Our client, Surreia’s Place, saw a need for parents to be able to communicate with each other, learn from each other, share stories, and trade/share specialized equipment. Voila’s team members have diligently been working on… Read more »